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If you're like me, you're always searching for the next incredible meal. The place where all of the locals go, the place that is standing room only, the place where everyone sits down hungry and leaves satisfied. From the out-of-the-way locations to the most popular dining establishments, I take you around the world on a quest for the perfect meals that tickle the taste buds.


Sometimes, the most unique meals can be found by venturing into one of a country's local fast food restaurants. My Dad and I discovered a food court in a Saint Petersburg Shopping Mall. This being our first time in Russia, we wanted to sample the authentic Russian cuisine the way the locals do. Sitting in the food court, enjoying these savory Russian crepes, along with many of the locals, was an experience I will always remember. The crepes were delicious, too!

Cuisine: Russian

Jennifer’s Recommendations: Savory Blini (Savory Russian Crepes)

Location: Teremok, Locations throughout Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Russia

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