Restaurant Reviews Locations That Tickle the Taste Buds

If you're like me, you're always searching for the next incredible meal. The place where all of the locals go, the place that is standing room only, the place where everyone sits down hungry and leaves satisfied. From the out-of-the-way locations to the most popular dining establishments, I take you around the world on a quest for the perfect meals that tickle the taste buds.

Peter Luger Steakhouse

Step inside Peter Luger Steakhouse and you will immediately feel as if you have stepped into a classic New York steakhouse. From the wood paneling on the walls to the rustic charm of the wood tables and chairs, the historic ambience rounds out your dining experience at this Brooklyn landmark since 1887. Still, the star of the show is the USDA Prime Beef, dry aged on-site. Fresh baked breads and other sides compliment their delicious, hand-selected steaks. While they are quite popular, the German style potatoes seemed a little charred and somewhat of an oversight when paired with the high-end dry aged beef. So if you're looking for an old-school steakhouse experience, look no further than Peter Luger Steakhouse.

Cuisine: Steakhouse

Jennifer’s Recommendations: USDA Prime Dry Aged Steak

Location: Peter Luger Steakhouse, 178 Broadway, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11211.

Visit their website for more information or to make reservations at their Brooklyn or Great Neck locations:

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