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If you're like me, you're always searching for the next incredible meal. The place where all of the locals go, the place that is standing room only, the place where everyone sits down hungry and leaves satisfied. From the out-of-the-way locations to the most popular dining establishments, I take you around the world on a quest for the perfect meals that tickle the taste buds.

Granny's Kitchen

Granny's Kitchen offers southern comfort food that is bursting with flavor. From carved roast beef to some of the best fried chicken I have had at a restaurant, Granny's offers a different menu every day of the week, so multiple visits is a must! I especially love the wide variety of vegetables, both on the fresh salad bar and on the hot buffet. I first heard of Granny's more than a decade ago when Martin Cook of The Inspirations told me during an interview that Granny's Kitchen was his favorite restaurant in the world. This was a signficant statement, considering the fact they have traveled extensively across the country and to other parts of the world. Let's face it. One bite of Granny's scrumptious Southern cuisine will have you scoping out tomorrow's menu on their website!

Cuisine: Southern

Jennifer’s Recommendations: Salisbury Steak, Fried Chicken, Chicken and Dumplings, Salad Bar, Fried Apples, Chocolate Pie

Location: Granny's Kitchen, 1098 Painttown Road (US 19N), Cherokee, NC 28719, (828) 497-5010

For menus and other information, visit their website:

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